Children’s Liturgy

We want to create a welcoming and family atmosphere for families with young children and run a special Children’s Liturgy alongside our family mass on a Sunday (10.30am). Depending on numbers we try and break up the Liturgy into two groups.


Younger Children (up to 4 years)

We hope that they will learn two things in this group: that church is a good place to be, and that Jesus loves them.

The session is made up of free play, where the children enjoy the boxes of toys that we put out for them and colouring in of biblical images. We also try and pray together where we will focus on the subject of this week’s mass.


Older Children (4-8 years)

Our aim is that through being a part of this group, the children will have fun learning about who God is and what He has done as they explore stories from the Bible together.

Each session is based on a different Bible story which the children learn about through hearing or acting out the story, songs, crafts, prayer activities and games.

We want to give the children in our community every opportunity to learn about Jesus, God’s kingdom and God’s promises in a place that’s safe, secure and fun!

These groups are run by a committed group of volunteers and parents who look forward to welcoming your child to be a part of it.


Children's Liturgy

Children's Liturgy

Children's Liturgy