Good Friday Children’s Workshop

Good Friday Children's Workshop

Today we learned about Jesus’ last days before he would be betrayed by Judas and sentenced to death, the last supper with his disciples and his resurrection.

Good FridayThe Easter festival is one of the oldest and most important in our calendar. On Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter Sunday) Jesus travelled to Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish festival of Passover. People gathered in the streets of the city to celebrate his arrival, many waving palm leaves as he rode by on a donkey.

However not everyone was happy about Jesus’ arrival, chief priests and the teachers of the law did not like what Jesus was doing and looked for a way to arrest him and put him to death for claiming to be the son of God.

Jesus knew that he was entering his final days on Earth and gathered his friends on what would be known as Maundy Thursday, to share a final meal. “The Last Supper” would have Jesus share bread, representing his body and wine, representing his blood, as a way of letting his disciples know he would soon die. That same night he would later be betrayed by Judas in return for money.

On Good Friday, Jesus was condemned to death for claiming to be the son of God. He was nailed to a cross along side two criminals on a hill overlooking the city. A sign was placed above Jesus’ cross which read ‘The King of the Jews’.

Good FridayJesus had told his disciples he would rise again on the third day after his death. He had been buried in a tomb covered by a huge stone so no-one could enter. A couple of days after his death, Mary Magdelene was visiting and discovered the stone covering the tomb’s entrance had been moved, and Jesus’ body had disappeared.

Jesus then approached Mary and let her know he had not yet gone to be with God. He would later meet with his disciples and ask them to spread the word of his teachings, to show others how to live lives that please God.

Easter is a time of celebration for us. It marks Jesus’ resurrection and in this day and age makes us think about how we can make a change in our lives and open a new chapter.


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